About Us

The Research and Development Division (RDD) (formerly known as the Health Research Unit – HRU under the Planning, Policy, Monitoring and Evaluation Division of the Ghana Health Service) is one of the Divisions at Ghana Health Service (GHS) Headquarters. HRU was established in 1990 as a Unit under PPME to address the broad needs of the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Ghana Health Service (GHS). The RDD became a functional Division in January 2009 with the aim to strengthen, harmonize, coordinate and support research for health sector policy and programme development and implementation. RDD is guided by a clear vision and principles to help provide empirical findings for policy formulation to improve the health service delivery system in the country.   The functions of the Division are:

  • To assist the GHS/MOH in setting health priorities through generation of new knowledge and systematic review of existing information.
  • To lead in the setting of research agenda for the GHS
  • To assist all levels of the sector in the development of research proposals.
  • To organise health research training courses.
  • To serve as document centre for Health Research activities.
  • Facilitate technical and ethical review of research proposals.

·         Coordination of research activities within the Ghana Health Service.

·         Providing Library support to researchers/students.

·         To support the translation of research findings to policy and practice  



The key mandate of the RDD is to generate information through relevant research to strengthen decision making, set health priorities, efficient resource allocation, and inform health intervention planning and implementation in order to deliver better health services to improve health status of the Ghanaian population.



RDD is headed by a Director who is responsible for the overall coordination of the activities of the Division and oversees the functioning of the various Departments: namely Research; Ethics and Research Management; Dissemination, Documentation and Advocacy and the Research Centres. The Division has three research centres in Navrongo, Kintampo and Dodowa and collaborates with other research institutions in the conduct of its activities to achieve positive results of its set goals. RDD has experienced research staff and the capacity to recruit and train additional staff for projects when necessary. Staff of RDD is made up of Scientific and Administrative personnel. The Scientific Team is a multidisciplinary team with expertise in medicine, public health and related fields, laboratory medicine, social sciences. The scientific team is supported by experienced administrators, accountants and secretaries.



RDD has four departments. Each Department is headed by a Deputy Director as per GHS definition:  

  1. Research
  2. Ethics and Research Management
  3. Documentation, Dissemination and Advocacy
  4. Research Centres