About Us

Objectives of the Division

  • To develop comprehensive policies, sustainable plans, programmes and budgets to cover all the procurement and supply of drugs and equipment needs of the Ghana Health Service and according to laid down institutional policy
  • To ensure optimum drugs and equipments availability throughout the facilities of the Ghana health services
  • Ensure that the Service receives value for money and avoid waste occurring through the purchase of poor drugs and equipment quality as well as inadequate storage and weak supply chain management
  • Promote high drugs efficacy preservation and safe chemical handling in Regional/District Medical Stores and all hospitals

Functional Responsibilities and Authority

  The Director   The Divisional Director is responsible for the core functions of the Division and exercise of authority by the Director is derived from and consistent with his responsibilities as well as authority delegated by the immediate superior. In effect, the superior authority of the DG/DDG guides the exercise of authority but the coordination and development of strategies for the execution of the core functions is the responsibility of the Director and his deputies. The Director coordinates and mediates departmental and interdepartmental issues.    Core Functions  
  • Undertake periodic review of drug and chemical situation of the Service and that of its program implementation partners with a view to improving on efficiency and quality
  • Develop in collaboration with the PPME/PH/ICD Divisions, a national procurement management plan for the short, medium and long term consistent with the Services program of work;
  • Procure drugs and equipments based on set national policies and existing legislature
  • Coordinate and manage the supply and distribution of all drugs and non-drug logistics (local and international
  • Carry out the inspection and provide support to all levels and partners of the Service in drugs and chemicals handling and management
  • Collaborate with the HRD Division to constantly appraise and develop appropriate capacity for drugs and logistics management personnel for all the relevant/appropriate units of the health service
  • Maintain a national information base on the national drugs and supply situation of GHS
  • Undertake periodic drug education campaigns in collaboration with the PH and ICD Divisions
  • Procurement Department
  • Logistics, Clearing and Warehousing Department