About Us

Objectives of the Division

  • The receipt, custody and the judicious disbursement of funds and the use of public funds
  • To facilitate the fulfilment of the Ghana Health Service‚Äôs obligations to its creditors and suppliers
  • To support GHS with the appropriate skills for accounting and financial transactions consistent with national and international norms of accounting and financial management
  • To keep accurate financial management and accounting information in acceptable formats for audit and decision making purposes 

The Functional Responsibilities and Authority

The Director  
The Divisional Director is responsible for the core functions of the Division and exercise of authority by the Director is derived from and consistent with his responsibilities as well as authority delegated by the immediate superior. In effect, the superior authority of the DG/DDG guides the exercise of authority but the coordination and development of strategies for the execution of the core functions is the responsibility of the Director and his deputies. The Director coordinates and mediates departmental and interdepartmental issues. 

Core Function
  • To ensure that Financial Records and Reports are prepared accurately and timely.
  • Work in conjunction with PPMED for preparation of budget estimates;
  • Develop and promote mechanisms to Support and Monitor the Financial performance of all Health Divisions Levels and Institutions;
  • To collate and prepare Periodic Financial reports for the Ghana Health Service;
  • To ensure the timely transfer of GOG and external Donor Funds to all levels of the Ghana Health Service;
  • To provide Financial Management Information to officers of the Ghana Health Service, the donor community, MOH and external agencies;
  • Develop and promote efficient and effective accounting systems within the Ghana Health Service;
  • To provide effective cost management systems and ensure the proper control  and valuation of stocks held by the Ghana Health Service;
  • Institute financial management policies, systems and controls to safeguard assets of the Service, assure accountability and promote efficiency;
  • Assure the integrity, completeness and timeliness of financial data from all divisions and units;
  • Undertake physical verification of stocks and accounts in any Unit of GHS at any time. 
  • Financial Information Management System Department
  • Financial Reporting