About Us

Objectives of the Division

  • The coordination of information, the provision of support and guidance for the design of policies and strategies in collaboration with other Divisions for the prudent development of health provision infrastructure consistent with service delivery priorities
  • The initiation, award and monitoring of the effective implementation of contracts for transport, equipment and infrastructure provision
  • Ensure the availability of support services for the effective and efficient delivery of functions of the Ghana Health Service
  • Ensure the provision, maintenance and upgrade of all transport, facilities and equipments of the Ghana Health Service - other than routine maintenance of buildings - through national master plan maintenance programmes 

Functional Responsibilities and Authority

  The Director   The Divisional Director is responsible for the core functions of the Division and exercise of authority by the Director is derived from and consistent with his responsibilities as well as authority delegated by the immediate superior. In effect, the superior authority of the DG/DDG guides the exercise of authority but the coordination and development of strategies for the execution of the core functions is the responsibility of the Director and his deputies. The Director coordinates and mediates departmental and interdepartmental issues.    Core Functions  
  • Initiates and implements administrative improvement schemes and cost-reduction programmes in the Ghana Health Service;
  • Determines appropriate levels, specification, procurement and replacement of equipment and transport consistent with national policy and Ghana Health Service requirements;
  • Monitor and supervise all building and construction projects meant for the Ghana Health Service to ensure value for money;
  • Prepares and periodically updates infrastructure and equipment situations and specifications for the Ghana Health Service in collaboration with the PPME Division; 
  • Pursues the development and implementation of adequate proficiency programmes to improve the recruitment and competence of staff in secretarial and security support, estates and equipment maintenance in the Ghana Health Service in collaboration with the HRD Division;
  • Ensures the proper acquisition and take custody of the documentation of all estates and chattels of the Ghana Health Service once these have been acquired
  • Develops procedures for undertaking planned and routine maintenance by all levels
  • Clinical Engineering Department
  • Estate Management Department
  • General Administration Department
  • Transport Management Department