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Core Functions and Responsibilities Of The Director General

  Exercise of authority and responsibilities by the Director General is derived from and consistent with the Ghana Health Service Act1996, Act 525 sections 3 & 11 as well as authority and responsibilities delegated by the immediate superiors. Additional functions envisaged include the representation of the interest of the Ghana Health Service to external organisations, the Ministry of Health, other agencies and donors. Though functions and authority needed to execute these functions has been delegated to the Deputy Director General, Divisional and Regional Directors, the Director General is not absolved of responsibility for this functions. In effect, the Director General as head of the Ghana Health Service Executive mediates inter- divisional issues and inter-corporate affairs and discrepancies and may re-allocate responsibilities and functions as may be appropriate in consultation with the Deputy Director General and relevant Directors.

Functions and Authority of the Officers in the Director General’s Office  
The Officers in the Director General’s office draw functional responsibility from the Director General and/or the Deputy Director General’s responsibility as appropriate. For the purposes of institutional performance measurement, the officers shall be deemed as assistants to the Director and the Deputy Director General and shall:  
·          Provide advise to the Director General, the Deputy Director General and the Divisional Directors as appropriate
·          Shall prompt and collaborate with all divisions to coordinate the assigned functions and development of appropriate documents in relation to their functions for the service
·          Shall provide any other support as required by the Director General consistent with their functions  

The functions of the Secretary to Council are determined in Act 525, 1993. Without prejudice to the provisions of the relevant sections, the functional responsibility of any officers in the Director General’s office does not translate into an administrative authority or responsibility over the Divisions, Regional Directorates or their subordinate Departments, units or sections. Such an authority remains with the Director General and/or the Deputy Director General.
Immediate Support Staff (Office of DG)  
·          Deputy Director General
CNO, CDO, CP etc

·          Regional Coordination
·          Personal Assistant, Administration and Legal Affairs
·          Public Relations Officer