Hypertension, a neglected disease

Increased blood pressure is the leading risk for death and disability globally as highlighted in the recent global burden of disease study and emphasised by the World Health Organisation at World Health Day.

One of the major barriers to effective control of hypertension is simply that people are not aware their blood pressure is high. Yet, simple affordable steps to incorporate routine blood pressure assessment into community programmes and workplaces as well as all healthcare settings could play a major role.

The theme for World Hypertension Day, which fell on May 17th, has been: “Know Your Blood Pressure” for a couple of years and will remain the same over the next five years.

Many of us are aware that hypertension (high blood pressure) is often without symptoms or signs (silent killer) and the only way to know if you have high blood pressure is to spend a few minutes of your precious time having a professional check your blood pressure.

What many may not be aware

Hypertension is the leading cause of death and morbidity (illness) in adults. Hypertension is a major cause of strokes, heart attacks and heart failures among several others and all these are extreme life-changing events. High blood pressure is a common cause of ‘lost days’ at work.

Research shows that high blood pressure is a major financial drain on individuals, companies and countries.

Irrespective of the way you feel, even if your blood pressure has always been normal, even if you are too busy or too tired or you exercise daily so you do not think it’s necessary, no matter the well-rehearsed EXCUSE you may come up with, kindly do me a favour and check your blood pressure TODAY!