Malaria is caused by filth in the liver - New Research.

A comprehensive analysis of how malaria can be eliminated through natural steps has been compiled in a book written by a health specialist, Dr. Emmanuel K. Asenso ND NP.

Malaria has been described by some health experts as the number one killer disease across the globe, especially in Africa, although cancer is known globally to be the number one killer disease.

Over the years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has made frantic efforts in the fight against the disease, but still have not been able to find a lasting solution to the complete eradication of malaria.

The current paradigm for the eradication of malaria across the globe over a century has been fruitless and hence, the need for a natural and more effective alternative.

It is against this backdrop that the Doctor of Naturopathy who understands conventional medicine, a detoxification specialist from the International School of Detoxification in Port Charlotte, Florida and an International nutritional consultant, Dr. Asenso decided to spend about 14 years to research about malaria and has come out with the book titled “THE NATURAL STEPS FOR CURING MALARIA- Malaria Is Filth In the Liver”

The 48-page book catalogs the history behind the malaria disease, his personal experience with malaria-like symptoms, the natural causes or Pathophysiology of malaria. It also explains the reason why mosquitoes and plasmodia are not to be blamed for malaria-like symptoms.

Speaking at the launch attended by high profile personalities, Dr. Asenso noted that his research for nearly two decades has revealed that mosquitoes should not be blamed for the cause of malaria, but rather filth in the liver as the cause.

“Let me say if your liver is clean and healthy no germ can grow to serve as a factor for the body to develop the infection. Simply put malaria is a liver disease synonymous to a filthy liver" He added.

Dr. Emmanuel K. Asenso who holds a doctorate degree in Traditional Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham and has practiced conventional medicine internationally before, is currently the CEO of Health Talk Limited located at Nsenie - Kentinkrono, a wellness center that has been established to provide help for people suffering from all types of health problems including malaria-like complications through natural programs. He stressed that the natural steps which involve the use of household foods in the detoxification of the liver, is the only efficient solution to eradicate malaria completely from the world.

The product of the university of Ghana Legon who studied Nursing with Psychology and masters degree holder from the Howard University contends that Pleomorphism is the mainstay of his evidence based true scientific research and agrees that the germs in the liver are a result of a filthy terrain or environment.

He, however, urged the public to be circumspect on the kinds of food that they eat to nourish their body systems, for we are what we eat!

Rev. Mrs. Esi Oduro Asante, Headmistress of Wesley Girls Senior High in Kumasi who nearly lost her life from malaria-like complications, encouraged Ghanaians to patronize made in Ghana products and support individuals who are doing so well to make a difference in the country.

According her, she believes the natural steps of curing malaria would be the easiest solution if much attention is given.

Rev. Mrs. Asante revealed the agony she passed through but was finally saved by Dr. Asenso and his team at the Health Talk Limited who took her through the natural steps of treatment practiced at the