The objectives of the national malaria control programme are:

  • 100% of households will own at least one ITN
  • 80% of the general population will sleep under ITNs
  • Increase the number of children under-five and pregnant women sleeping under treated net from current levels to 85%
  • 100% (All) pregnant women shall be on appropriate Intermittent Preventive Treatment
  • (Receive at least two or more doses of sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine under DOT)
  • 90% of all structures in targeted districts will be covered through indoor residual spraying
  • All (100%) health facilities will provide prompt and effective treatment using ACTs
  • 90% of all patients with uncomplicated malaria will be correctly managed at public and
  • private health facilities using ACTs
  • All (100%) communities will have access to community-based treatment for uncomplicated malaria
  • 90% of caretakers and parents will be able to recognize early symptoms and signs of
  • malaria
  • 90% of children under five years of age with fever will receive an appropriate ACT within 24 hours of onset.
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