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About Newborn Care Programme

Ghana’s infant and under-five mortality rates reduced over the years, but have stagnated because neonatal mortality has not reduced significantly. The current neonatal mortality of 29 deaths per 1000 live births accounts for almost 50% of under-five mortality in Ghana and continues to rise. Without a concerted effort to tackle causes of neonatal mortality, it would be impossible for Ghana’s goal of reducing under-five mortality to be achieved.

The goal of the Ghana National Newborn Health Strategy and Action Plan (2014 – 2018) is reduction of neonatal mortality rate from 32 per 1000 live births in 2011 to 21 per 1000 live births in 2018, a 5% reduction in neonatal mortality per annum.... Read More >>

Latest in Newborn Care Programme

Surviving After 30 Days: Baby Benefits from Newly Established Newborn Care Unit...By Stephen Adombire

Baby Sulemana will forever be in the archives of the Newborn Care Unit (NCU) of Sandema Hospital as the first baby admitted and cared for in the newly created Unit. The NCU provides expert, round-the-clock care for newborn babies who are ill or born prematurely. Preterm babies need special medical care and attention to survive the first 30 days of their life. With the establishment of the NCU, such special care and attention was made possible for Baby Sulemana, which improved her chances of survival. Read More >>