The vision of the procurement unit is to enhance Health Service Delivery by ensuring that all non-pay spend of the Directorate are managed according to the best practice in procurement.



To provide responsive and quality expert procurement services and business advise to Regional Health Directorate, Municipal and District while achieving best value for money and ensuring competitive, fair and transparent process in accordance with established procurement strategy, procedure, rules and regulations to achieve unequalled international standard in procurement.



We aim to providing best value for money in the timely delivery of goods, service and capacity to enable our customers to execute their duties and achieve their objectives within a fair and transparent commercial partnership provided by our vendors.



  • The unit’s main strategic duties and responsibilities are for the development of long medium and annual procurement plan consistent with national GHS/Regional Health Directorate’s strategic plans for action.
  • The unit is to serve as the liaison office with government and international procurement agencies for the purpose of procuring essential medicines, non-medicines, works, services, equipment’s etc. for the region consistent with national and international procurement legislations.
  • Aimed at operating within the Public Procurement Authority(PPAs) procurement legislation and the MOH/GHS procurement manual and the same time contributing towards the achievement of the corporate objective and the SDG’s.
  • Providing and managing a quality, fit for purpose, professional procurement and supplies services to the RMS’ in the Region.
  • Promoting strategic procurement issues across the Directorate with a view of maximizing savings potential by efficient and effective procurement arrangement to reduce cost and make significant contribution to value for money.
  • Plan, coordinate and manage specific supplies related projects by securing best prices/contractual arrangement in the most efficient and cost effective and quality compliant manner.
  • Investigation, coordinating and managing complex procurement enquiries/projects, provide advice and contributes to corporate reporting as required.
  • Providing support to the Director of the Directorate by facilitating the flow of information and assisting in the positive development of internal and external relationship in pursuit of common objective in supplies matters
  • Leading and advising project groups on the tender launching process, ensuring tender evaluation and award criteria are robust and followed avoiding the need for challenge from unsuccessful vendors



  • The unit is headed by the Regional Procurement Manager. He is directly in charge of the Directorates procurement strategy, policy definition and planning and the implantation of corporate procurement management arrangements.
  • The Procurement manager is in charge of providing operational technical advice to junior colleague and overseas tender preparation, proposal writing, tender evaluation and subsequently contract award.