Health Resources

Primary Health care activities are supported by community based health system (CBS) implemented by volunteers and community health workers made up of one thousand two hundred and nine (1,209) Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA‟s), one thousand eight hundred and fifty (1,850) Community Based Disease Surveillance Volunteers (CBDSVs), three thousand five hundred and twenty (3,520) Community Health Workers (CHWs) and one hundred and eighty four (184) Guinea Worm volunteers who are providing various services in 3,557 demarcated areas with supervision from sub district health staff. There are 861 outreach points for the provision of immunization and other services.
Since 2003, the region has, in line with the policy of the Ghana Health Service, been implementing the Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) strategy. This strategy aims at Universal Health Coverage by delivering close-to-client or door-to-door high impact rapid delivery (HIRD) health interventions to communities. These services are provided by designated staff referred to as Community Health Officers (CHOs) who are assisted by Community Health volunteers. The CHO operates mostly from a building constructed and located in the community called a CHPS compound but most of the services are provided in the communities of the zone out of the compound.