Status of CHPS Implementation

CHPS implementation in the region recorded a lot of gains in the period under review due to relentless and collaborative efforts of all stakeholders. Several activities including the following were carried out during the period.


Training of Community Health Workers

Under the Youth Employment Agency (YEA), 54 district officers including district CHPS coordinators were trained as facilitators who subsequently trained the selected community health workers (CHWs) in their respective districts. In all, a total of 2,358 CHWs were recruited and trained in the Brong Ahafo Region. Again, a CHO/CHN each per a functional CHPS zone was trained as CHW supervisors.

CHPS Verification Exercise

In conjunction with a national team, a CHPS verification programme was carried out in four (4) Districts in the region, namely Sunyani West, Berekum, Kintampo South, and Wenchi. Based on the observations and interactions at the various levels, the following recommendations were made:

  1. The Regional Health Directorate should work with the GHS/PPME to update the CHPS data to reflect the actual numbers of the demarcated zones and compounds
  2. Managers at all levels should engage the District Assemblies as key partners and stakeholders for scaling up of CHPS implementation
  3. There is a need to clearly articulate the main services to be provided in CHPS zones or compounds.
  4. The Sub-district Health System should be strengthened to organize orientation for  critical staff assigned to CHPS zones in addition to monitoring and supervision

Dissemination of New CHPS Policy

In conjunction with the MoH headquarters and GHS National, the New CHPS Policy was officially launched in the region. It took place on the 1st August 2016 in Sunyani. Participants were drawn from the Brong Ahafo Regional Coordinating Council, RHD Brong Ahafo, all the 27 DHDs, House of Chiefs, as well as key stakeholders.


Training of CHOs

Seventy (70) selected staff; mostly CHNs were trained as CHOs in the 15 modules of CHPS. The training, which was the first of its kind in the region, and was supported by Jhpiego. The duration was 10 days. It started from 29th August to 8th September 2016. Participants were taken through all the required CHPS modules.



Training of District Teams in CHPS

Selected health personnel from all the districts and regional level were trained for one day in CHPS as planned in the Fixed Amount Award. This was to build capacity on major CHPS implementation processes and policies.

The one day training was carried out on Thursday 3rd November, 2016 at Adult Education    Unit- Sunyani. Key areas covered during the training were:

  • A brief of the CHPS concepts
  • Issues in the New CHPS Policy
  • 15 Steps in CHPS implementation
  • Highlights of the CHMC training Manual
  • CHPS data validation


Training of CHMC Members

To promote community participation in CHPS, some community structures are needed to be in place and a major component is the community health management committees (CHMCs) which usually consist of five to nine members operating in every functional CHPS zone. The region was able to train 350 of the CHMC members in seven districts.

The districts were Dormaa East, Dormaa Municipal, Dormaa West, Jaman North, Jaman South, Tain, and Banda. The CHMC training manual was used for the entire training.


Monitoring and Support Visits

Facilitative monitoring and supervision ensures that the systems work for the common goal. The RHD constituted teams to visit ten districts with financial support from JHPIEGO. Checklists were administered both at the DHMT level and one selected CHPS compound in every district visited.

The successful monitoring and supervision enabled the regional team to carry out on the job training on CHPS and also supported other areas of service delivery comprising fridge tag manipulation, Expanded Programme on Immunization and Vitamin A supplementation.


DHIMS Reports Monitoring

Quarterly reports in the DHIMS were monitored as required with immediate feedbacks to districts



Table 2.1: Trend of CHPS Performance, BAR. 2014 - 2016





No. of Electoral Areas in the region




No. of demarcated CHPS zones




No. Functional CHPS zones  




Prop. of demarcated zones functional




Functional CHPS with basic equipment




CHPS zones with CHPS Compound




Active CHMCs (met at least once in last 6 months)