Laboratory Services

The unit has as part of its plans to conduct three rounds of Sputum Smear Microscopy External Quality Assurance, one round of Malaria diagnostic OTSS, one round of Malaria Clinical OTSS and also conduct one Regional Clinical Care Monitoring visit to six facilities



  • OTSS workshop using Electronic data system in Sunyani
  •   Assessment of laboratory services and instrument capacity workshop in Accra
  •  Data collection and validation tool for assessment of laboratory services in Accra
  • Conducted assessment of laboratory services and instrument capacity in BAR and UWR
  • 8 facilities in BAR and 5 in UWR were visited
  • Participated in Regional TOT on 2nd Edition Cholera SOPs, near Kumasi
  • Conducted 1st, 2nd and 3rd  quarter  sputum smear microscopy external quality assessment(SSM EQA)
  • Participated in sample referral system in Public sector laboratory meeting in Accra
  • Conducted Malaria Diagnostic Refresher Training (MDRT), for  Lab. Scientists working with Society of Private Medical and Dental Practitioners (SPMDP)