Corporate Governance

The hospital management comprises the following;

This comprises of all heads of clinical units and members of the core management.
It is the highest decision making body of the hospital. It meets once every 6 months.

It constitutes the basic Management Team of the hospital members include the Medical Director, Head of Administration, Deputy Director of nursing service, Head of finance, Head of pharmacy and the clinical coordinator. The Team meets once in every month to plan and review all activities in the hospital; Administration, finance, Clinical and General Discipline. Emergency meetings are also called sometime to discuss pressing issues.

Other Committees are in place to complement the work of Management. These include:

•    QUALITY ASSURANCE –This Committee is responsible for coordinating the implementation of quality assurance programmes in the hospital. Membership includes Senior Medical Officer (Chairman) Head of Administration, Head of Nursing service, Head of Estates, Head of Pharmacy, Head of Finance, Head of laboratory, Head of X-ray, Health Information Technologist (Secretary).Health Services Administrator and environmental officer.

•    PROCUREMENT- Members meet to ensure value for money for both goods and services and also make sure that other logistics are available as and when needed. The rest are Drug and Therapeutic Committee, Finance/Monitoring, Accommodation, Pauper, Maternal Audit etc

In addition to the above Committees, which assist management in the governance of the hospital, there are other meetings which are held periodically and whose decisions also help in the hospitals policy formulation.

There include:

•    STAFF DURBAR – This is held once every quarter where there is frank discussion of various issues. At this forum the new policies of Ghana Health Service policies and the hospital own policies are disseminated to staff. Views and suggestions from staff are also solicited.
•    UNIT HEADS MEETING – This is every 3rd Thursday of every quarter to discuss Departmental and Unit problems.